About Me!

Born and rasied in Hercules CA. Raised by divorced parents with 3 Sibilings. I joined the working field at 17 and started my first job at Taco Bell. I later left the establishment and got my first career in tech! Thats when I fully discovered my love and compassion for technology learning various code and skills! And committed to using my skills for one day owning my own Business/Franchise!

Some Fun facts about myself!

  • I love riding my Motorcycle!
  • I work in Senior Living!
  • I'm a huge FOODY!
  • And I also love to travel!

Skills and Experience

  • 10+ Years of Customer Service
  • 5+ Years in Finance
  • 5+ Years in Leadership
  • 2+ Years in Sales
  • 1+ Java/HTML


  1. Life Insurance Certified
  2. Apple Repair Certfied
  3. SafeServe Certified
Geek Squad

Think I'm a great fit for YOUR company?

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